Key # 5: The only proven way to permanently get rid of the dimples and shadows of cellulite is through a series of simple, yet specifically targeted lower-body movements – which properly stimulate the muscle layers of the legs, buns, hips and thighs:

Back View of Female Lower-Body Muscles Under Skin

Back View of Female Lower-Body Muscles Under Skin

These unique movements focus on lifting, shaping and toning the muscle layers so they gently push outward against the skin – to bring back the smooth, tight and sexy appearance.

This is how regular women reverse the cause of cellulite dimples and shadows… AND, if there happens to be any excess fat in those zones – it will be burned off as fuel by the muscles. This bonus of losing any unhealthy excess body-fat is nice because it reveals a great body and it works wonders for your health profile.

BUT you won’t learn about these unique slow-tempo movements in the gym or your local health club. Because…

1 – These body movements are NOT done with typical weights and machine type exercises. Most regular fitness instructors don’t even know about this type of targeted cellulite-killing method. (click to watch video)

2 – These muscle-stimulating movements can be done right at home, in total privacy.

3 – The female lower-body has over 90 muscles:

90 muscles in lower body

90 muscles in female lower body

Picture those 90 muscles BENEATH your skin’s surface in your legs, butt, hips and thigh zones. That’s where the magic happens in regards to true removal of mushy dimples and saggy shadows in the trouble spots and problem areas…

Despite what most women have been led to believe, there is a critical difference between a ‘general workout program’ – and a laser-focused, cellulite removal method. The sweetest benefit of this is; you don’t need access to a health club or fitness center. Just click PLAY on this video by Joey Atlas, and get it started now: (it opens in a bigger screen so you don’t miss a thing)
cellulite removal video

These are simple, unique moves you can start doing today, right in the privacy of your own home. And if you start this type of targeted muscle stimulation method today – you will start feeling results within 2 weeks and seeing results within 3 to 4 weeks.

cellulite gets worse if neglected

cellulite gets worse if neglected

EXTRA TIP – # 6: The Dimples, Ripples and Shadows of Cellulite Get Worse if They Are Not Taken Care of Properly. [*6] And the worse it gets, the harder it is to reverse. [*7]

So, watch the video above to avoid further frustration, disgust and anger. It’s your body so just do the right thing for it.
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